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Business-desk is now offering great email service for your business instead of your personal email! to allow you to truly master your inbox it even works on mobile. Easy to use features such as Drag and Drop plus an integrated preview allows you to quickly read and sort your emails. Attachments are easy to insert into your emails as you simply drag them from your windows explorer or iFinder window directly into the browser window. Fast and easy, just the way you need it.

Business Email organizer + Webdisc + Folder sync + Calendar + Pop3 + Mobile interface + Desktop notification


Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
Advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus software allows you to set your filters to an aggressive level so as to protect your computer from any malicious viruses or spam software. You can use DNSBL blacklists to filter your inbox and over time the filters learn from your preferences and adapt to new method of spam at an accelerated rate, works on mobile too.

Smart folders and filters
One of the worst things about general inbox is the long, grueling searches that you must conduct to find emails from the past. Well, leave those searches in the past now with our amazing smart folders. You define the criteria for the filters to pick up on and the system automatically files emails under the correct folders. For instance, Newsletters from any source will be grouped together and placed within one folder. This creates a much better experience for our users and allows them to quickly search through their folders without the worry of spending hours looking for a specific Business email id with in organizer. You can even create folders for emails that are marked as high priority and thus keep on top of your most important emails at all times. Thanks to the powerful filters, you can create specific user-defined criteria and then set the inbox to automatically respond to those emails for you and then receive a text notification on your phone, works on mobile too.

What good having Business email inbox without a Calendar organizer? We have integrated an easy to use Calendar which will allow you to easily see your appointments and switch between a daily view, weekly view, or yearly view. We have included features such as repeating events, appointment reminders, and attendee management. You can also receive your appointment reminders via emails or text message, works on mobile too.

Secure Communication
Our Service utilizes the same S/MIME standard for encryption and signing. This means signing emails lets the program verify the sender's identity and protect your emails from third parties that might attempt to access them, works on mobile too.

Tasks and Note-Management
This is a great tool for any business or individual. The ability to create Notes at ease and keep them organized is an essential tool to keep on top of things and business-desk makes this easy for you. Keep track of your To-Do lists without the extra papers on your desk and have the ability to easily manage multiple lists without getting everything mixed up. Did you accidentally write an entry on the wrong list? No problem. Just drag and drop it onto the correct list! works on mobile too.

cloud drive
What's the worst part about a local email client? You can't access your information when you're away! You can now gain access to all the files stored in your inbox thanks to the Cloud drive which is available from business-desk. Webdisc allows you to upload your zipped files and extract them anywhere using the integrated zip tool, works on mobile too.

SMS and mail to SMS (In process)
Need to send a text from your Business email? This can be done easily with our integrated SMS features. Write and send texts directly from your inbox and these will also be saved in the text outbox. You can also have SMS texts get sent automatically as reminders about appointments or as notifications for other incoming emails, works on mobile too.

SmartPhone Compatible
Our Service has been optimized to function extremely well on iOS and Android mobile devices. You can easily access emails, folders, appointments, tasks, WebDisc and more. The mobile interface has been well designed to function just like a native application which provides a seamless and flawless experience for our users, works on mobile too.

Desktop Client
Our desktop client allows you to access the emails without needing to open a browser. It lets you access Webdisc as well so that you can quickly synchronize your cloud drive with a local folder. Our desktop client also features a fax plugin which will allow you to send faxes through your computer (Mac or Windows) mobile from within any application that supports printing.




  • One domain (Optional)
  • 5 email ids
  • Storage - 500mb/id
  • Webdisc - 1gb/id
  • Pop3 - 5/id
  • Organizer
  • Mobile interface
  • Desktop client

$3.00   $0

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  • One domain (Optional)
  • 50 email ids
  • Storage - 1gb/id
  • Webdisc - 5gb/id
  • Pop3 - 10/id
  • Organizer
  • Mobile interface
  • Desktop client

$6.00   $4.00 p/m

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  • One domain (Optional)
  • 100 email ids
  • Storage - 2gb/id
  • Webdisc - 10gb/id
  • Pop3 - 20/id
  • Organizer
  • Mobile interface
  • Desktop client

$12.00   $8.00 p/m

Terms to Use e-mail program

1. By using or purchasing any services from you agree not to use it for spamming or scamming purposes of any kind and not to use it to offend against by laws from your (user) end.

2. The user is responsible for any operations carried out with the help of this application.

3. It is the user's responsibility to keep his/her password safe and secret and to prevent his/her account from being accessed by any third party. If, however, a third party uses any trick and gain access to the user's account and perform illegal actions such as offend against these terms of use or by laws from the user end, and do let us know immediately we will take appropriate action and if it persists for too long, only the registered user of the account can and will be held liable.

4. It is explicitly prohibited to use this service for the purpose of sending spam emails and mass emails. The user will be liable to compensate for any damage or loss.

5. Any contravention from above para 1-4 or any other section of this terms of use will authorize the provider to delete the contravening user's account and all of his/her data without requiring his/her consent and all payments will be forfeited.

NOTE: Platina & Ultima plans requires 1 - 24 hours to setup - domain name optional.
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